Druid Clan of Celliwig

  Drewydh Kordh Celliwig


According to the Mabinogion tale of Culhwch & Olwen, King Arthur’s Royal Palace was at Celliwig in Cornwall.

Celliwig is also said to mean Forest Grove so therefore is particularly apt.

Purpose : To bring together people within Cornwall, and in terms of community including a virtual extension of the Grove, who wish to explore what has been called Celtic Shamanism and is being called Druidry.

Membership will be open to all who seek it providing that they are willing to accept the core values and attitudes of the Clan.

Core Values and Attitudes

The importance of three...

As suggested in the Triad:

Three parts to everything : He One , She One , They One in the Third

In this we find expression of

Mind, Body and Spirit;
Earth Sea and Sky
Knowledge, Truth and Wisdom
Love, Honour and Respect

And therein the acceptance that wiithin the triads which have been handed down we may find other sources of inspiration.

The Rights and Responsibilities of The One

The individual will honour themselves by taking responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions.
The individual will honour others by allowing them to take responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions.
The individual will honour the nature and meaning of community as applied to their inter-relationship and co-dependence on people, planet and cosmos.
The individual will be accountable for their words, deeds and affiliations.
The individual will cultivate understanding through listening; knowledge through experiencing and wisdom through understanding.
The individual may not agree with but can be asked to respect the beliefs of others. If, however, they perceive that these beliefs are such that they seek to destroy community the individual can challenge with knowledge, compassion and understanding.

Of Beliefs

There is no dogmatic belief structure and no set scripture for members of the Clan, however there are the following ideas upon which a metaphysical framework exists.

 The Web of Life

All of existence is part of a subtle web which some call energy, some call vibration, some call God.
The realisation that we do not have the words to adequately describe this is the first step in  understanding. It is perhaps thought of by some as Nature and not simply Nature as we see  upon the Earth but the nature of the Cosmos within which we live.

Gods and Goddesses

Since each individual has the ‘spark of the Cosmos’ within we embody the deities we seek to  externalise through religious practice and dogma. We are Goddess/God and God/Goddess is  Us.

The manifestations and qualities of the mythical Gods and Goddesses are how we, as human animals, seek to understand the non-understandable. We shape, invoke and evoke the different Gods and Goddesses in order to shape ‘the web’ into something we can relate to personally, mythically and magically.

Magic is Real

The essence, energy or vibration of the web can be shaped by intent and focus. Whilst this energy is neither good nor bad, black nor white, it is the intention of the ‘user’ which can be defined as ‘creative’ or ‘destructive’; ‘empowering’ or ‘controlling’; ‘loving’ or ‘hating’.
No member of the Clan should practice magic which is either beyond their capability or comes from a place which they cannot fully take responsibility for; remembering of course that magic can be of the mind; of the body and of the spirit.

Structure of the Clan

Elders – Serving as leaders, administrative and overseeing members of the Clan

Druids – those who have followed and who are following the Celtic Shaman Course run by the Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick as well as those who have earned this degree from partner/affiliated organisations

The presiding council will be comprised of Elders and Druids.

Family – those who have not formally undertaken any training with an organisation who, nevertheless, wish to attend Clan meetings and events.

The presiding council will be comprised of Elders and Druids.

Clan Members – anyone who signs up to the Open Facebook Page and takes part within our activities remotely or virtually.
No doubt the structure will change as the group evolves.


Any person, regardless of race, gender, color, culture, age or sexual preferences may become a member of this organization upon presenting a petition, which may be oral, stating that s/he believes in the basic tenets,and that s/he further believes in and agrees with the self-definition of the Clan.

The Educational Arm of the Clan – The Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick

Currently our Celtic Shamanism Courses is a three year programme which focuses on the following traditions and  themes.

The Bardic Tradition

The theme here is one of connection to ancestors and ‘traditional tales’. Self-discovery comes through exploring personal relationship between ourselves, each other the land and the cosmos.

Creativity, Ritual, Storytelling and Self Expression are linked to a study of the Celtic peoples, what we know of their culture and values and what myth has suggested. We explore altered states and grasp what may be meant by The Awen.

The Ovate Tradition

The key themes are healing, divination and service. The Bard knows and connects and the Ovate develops intuition to become wise.

The Druid Tradition

Broadly a ‘priest;y’ role in which all of the arts, crafts and magicks of the Bardic and Ovate grade are interwoven in a more complex tapestry of understandings. Shamanic based counselling and therapy will be developed within this grade and decisions on how best the Bard, the Ovate and the Druid can serve the land and their communities will be explored.

The course has been developed by Alan who is a past member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids and a current member of the British Druid Order and Reformed Druids of Gaia.

It is supported and nurtured by Sue who is a Priestess if Kernow, healer and wise-woman

Reconstruction and Recreation

“All that we know about the Druids is that they were the most highly respected magical practitioners and spiritual experts of the tribes of northwest Europe. The trouble is that we don’t have a single word of writing left by a Druid, and we don’t have a single archeological artifact that everyone agrees is associated with the Druids. We know so little about them in fact that they are almost legendary characters.”

Prof. Ronald Hutton

The Clan, The Conrwall School of Mystery and Magick nor anyone associated with these groups do not claim that they are the keepers of a long lost tradition. They assert that they are attempting to recreate a spiritual tradition which has a relevance to the here and now.

This reconstruction takes the form of exploring traditional texts relating t to their ancestors  (The Ancient Britons/Celts); experiencing and connection to the mystic and mythic landscape of these people and finding ways to enrich the community which is supported by the Earth (Gaia) and populated by all of the Earths inhabitants – human and non-human. It is about finding ways to Be which are balanced and balancing; relevant and reverent ; creative and inspiring – this is the spiritual quest.


Whilst we are seeking affiliation to the British Druid Order and The Reformed Druids of Gaia the Clan will maintain its independence. The reason for such alliances is the belief that community is about collaboration and learning comes from sharing the wisdom of others.

So whilst as Clan we may not fully agree with some of the practices endorsed by these groups we can, and need to accept (not adopt) their values in these regards. (By way of clarification naturism and ritual nudity is a common feature of many groups and polyamory is promoted by the Reformed Druids of Gaia)

Memberships to Other Groups

It is hoped that members of The Clan will be willing to join the following groups with whom we seek to affiliate:

The Reformed Druids of Gaia

 Application form for their 1st Degree membership can be found here JOIN Reformed Druids of Gaia and mention Druid Clan of Celliwig in your application.

British Druid Order

 Application for Membership can be found here… JOIN British Druid Order 

It costs nothing to join these Orders. If you do join please mention your membership of Druid Clan of Celliwig as this will strengthen the links.

The benefit of joining these groups?

Well they both have free information to share and a network to which you might like to subscribe (Facebook groups for example). 

From the School’s point of view we would like to encourage you to look at as many resources as possible –especially if you are following one of our courses.

Both groups also have tutorial groups and structured lessons. These are not free and not compulsory but both are interesting and worthy of consideration. The material we are providing on our course, in most cases, complements rather than duplicates.
If you do join either or both please let us know as we’d value your comments, experiences and evaluations.

The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids is one of the largest Druid organisations in the world. They run their own bespoke training courses, which you might like to consider. Your can JOIN OBOD here.

Alan  /|\